Real Elk Antler Pendant. Hand carved in to a Cabochon this Elk Antler pendant shows off the beauty of the Antler and is set in a silver wire wrapped frame with silver beads.


Handcrafted from Eastern Oregon Elk Shed Antlers. Antlers are one of Nature's Renewable Resources. Deer & Elk shed their antlers annually creating a fun game of hide & seek, in the great outdoors, as we search for these treasures.


Each Antler is hand cut, sanded and polished and then crafted in to a unique item designed specifically around that antler piece.

The pendant is approximately 2 inches long. 

All wire is silver filled***

Includes an 18" Silver Snake Chain with a lobster claw clasp. 

*Antlers are from Nature so each Antler piendant will be unique and may contain some slight natural imperfections and scratches


***Silver filled wire has 100 times thicker silver than silver plated wire. The 1/10 sterling silver is bonded to the core metal, does not flake and can be worn like solid Sterling silver. As with all real silver, tarnish can happen but is easily removed with a quick rub with a polishing cloth.


Suggested Care to keep jewelry in like new state includes:
*occasional polishing to keep shiny
*Store in airtight container or bag
*Do not swim or shower while wearing

Real Elk Antler Wire Wrapped Pendant, Wire Wrap Jewelry, Handmade